This course takes a look into the life of the greatest man who ever walked the earth. By learning from the Master, interns will plunge into the teachings of Jesus, be challenged by his teachings, and come to know the greatest King, Jesus Christ, the Son of God intimately.

Life of Christ

This course equips the intern with reasons for his faith in accordance with I Peter 3:15 which says,”Always be ready to give reason of the hope that is in you.” Apologetics analyzes the reliability of the New and Old Testaments, messianic and historical prophecies, the resurrection and how recent archaeological discoveries have shown the Bible to be a historically accurate and reliable work of antiquity. This course also tackles the tough questions raised by critics.

Old Testament

This course examines the Old Testament in light of God’s plan of redemption. It also reveals God’s character through the Pentateuch and the writings of the Prophets. Interns learn about substitutionary sacrifice, redemption, atonement, salvation and more. Special attention is given to see how God’s Word is applicable for today. The Old Testament comes alive in this intern picked favorite course.

This course surveys the 27 books of the New Testament by first looking at the 4 Gospels and how they reveal Jesus as King, Servant, Man, and God. Books are analyzed in the Eschatological, Soteriological, Christological and Ecclesiological categories and special attention is given to see how God’s Word is applicable for today.

New Testament


Each class is specifically designed to train and equip each student for their everyday, physical, spiritual and relational lives! 

New Testament

This course teaches interns about the purpose of money and how to handle it. Some of the different topics discussed are; how to balance a checkbook, credit cards, investing, saving, tithing, purchasing a vehicle and more. Interns will develop an understanding of being good stewards over their finances and will learn how to receive God’s blessings on their money by way of wisdom and obedience.

Prayer & Intercession

In this class interns will be taught the value of prayer. Learning how to connect with God, hear His voice, intercede, praying in faith, standing on the promises of God’s Word, the power of agreement, and more is taught in this class. Interns won’t just be taught, but will experience the power prayer for themselves.